A day in the life…

One of the things that I love most about my work is that every week is different… one day I’m working on a wedding from A to Z and the next I am coordinating a corporate event, then I whisk myself off to a networking luncheon with fellow industry leaders.

This past month I did everything from wedding coordination – to cookie cutter  “lunch n learn” conference (for IT client), then a quarterly power breakfast meeting for one of my VIP clients. I then boarded a plane to Prince Edward Island to work at a not-for-profit  Annual General Assembly Meeting (AGM) … came back with the mandate to put one together here in Montreal for 2013.

I am very involved in my industry:  I rejoined the MPI Board of Directors as Public Relations Director, where I’ve been a member for five years and on the Board for four (check out the MPI Team & website here);  We kicked off the 2012-2013 season with the annual AGM (yes another one) at the newly renovated Delta Montreal). I also am one of four founding members for the Association of Montreal Professional Wedding Designers; this month, at our monthly meeting we where hosted by the beautiful St. James Club. The following week, we, the founding members, had our strategic meeting for the upcoming year graciously offered by the ‘La Grand Dame’  Ritz-Carlton Montreal.(to find out more visit our group’s Facebook page). Finally, in the name of R&D (research & development) for an upcoming corporate Christmas Party, I had the THRILL/PLEASURE of testing out a F1 simulator – OMG OMG OMG!!  I’m still reeling from the adrenaline rush!  I closed that day with a networking cocktail party. (yes my R&D never ever ends)

As we all know the fall session is now in full swing! I’m proud to say I currently teach (on a part-time basis)evening classes  at Lasalle College,  this session I’m heading up three courses: Negotiations and Contracts, Sales in Event Planning, and something new: Internship Supervision course, which I’m very excited about – by the way, anyone out there who needs interns in event planning, please contact me (daniela.caputo@collegelasalle.com).

While it’s been an eventful month (pun totally intended), nothing compares to the unpredictability of a recent wedding. It was a pretty and simple small affair with ginormous details (in fact, for the first time in seven years I actually recruited my hubby for help!). All was set and done, it was time to get refreshed and change into “wedding planner work clothes”.. WELL… I suffered the ultimate dilemma – a wardrobe malfunction- my dress zipper broke (and in half an hour my bride was arriving)!! Luckily my incredible assistant Jennifer took the reins (albeit a bit panicked, which I can’t blame her).  The Wedding went off without a hitch. However, determined to fix my dress, Jennifer pulled out the needle and thread from our emergency planner kit and fixed it – welcome to the ‘glamorous world’ of an event planner! Joking aside, I will be forever grateful Jen for saving the day! (she has the makings of a GREAT PLANNER)

What makes this past month unique and special is that for me, it’s the vast extreme variety of it all… this is what I THRIVE on and LOVE!  MY PASSION (one of them anyway)

Reflecting… I’m surrounded and blessed with so many industry experts that continually awe and humble me. Example: the other day I met a vendor, this young man, who is working hard and basically has no personal life, will eventually inherit his family’s venue rental/catering business – hats off to you and all your sacrifices Marco!  Another example was the patience a sales person from a popular hotel property who had the utmost demeanor with my client’s demands – kudos for making it easy to work with you Victor! Lastly, I received a wonderful gift from a ‘competitor’ … she actually sent me a client…WOW … this was truly humbling, her gesture was spectacular… encore MERCI  Val !

See you next month!

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