October Wrap-up

October has been a busy time of the year – in addition to the regular schedule of events that I have to tend to, I’m also gearing up for the final details of the Holiday & Christmas seasons (yep – as planner I’m always several weeks/months ahead of the calendar!).

This month I not only worked on a number of events, I was also busy traveling. Let me tell you, the one word I would use to describe my schedule these last few weeks is “CHALLENEGING”! Between travelling and coordinating, I was super swamped (yes I do LOVE it). However, thank God I have two great assistants who help me out (LOVE LOVE YOU Jennifer and Nadia).  They really have no idea how much they help me on a regular basis. So a BIG THANKS to them.

On the agenda this month were a quite few conferences including the annual one in Las Vegas, which for me, is now my newest focus business wise… due to the growing demands of Incentive Program requests. I am required to do tons more research and develop for this increasingly growing division:  . Besides the R&D portion, it was a great time and as always a fantastic way to re-connect with vendors as well as future suppliers.

Once back, I plunged into my reality; gearing up with all my
Corporate Christmas Party planning details.



In mid-October was the last wedding of my season. OUFF, this was one SUPER special one because it really showed me an amazing amount of humanity. First off the entire wedding had to be planned within a seven week time frame from A-Z (and I mean A to Z) due to the bride’s grandmother was terminally ill and the couple wanted to get married before she would pass on. Unfortunately on Thanksgiving Monday she passed away and the following weekend was when the wedding took place… Yes they went through with it anyway (their Grandma wouldn’t have wanted it any other way). While the family was experiencing a tremendous amount of sadness there was also a lot of joy at this wedding. They brought the urn, dress, shoes, and jewellery that their grandmother was going to wear; the humanity I saw was unbelievable. In the end it was such a joyous wedding, and I was truly humbled by seeing the family go on with the party. KUDOS to Kim & Jonathan – you guys ROCK!!!

On another note, one important lesson I ‘re-learned’ this month is:  Being patient with vendors. God Bless us all …. I’ve noticed more and more we are always required at some level to be the mediators.  At times it can be really really challenging working together; due to extreme circumstances beyond our collective control…. We all have our agendas as our egos and having to find the correct amount of balance to juggle everything, without offending people and staying totally respectful to others….is a task in itself….

OUFF as you can see it was a busy and super productive month, I’m so glad I “survived” it. Onward and upward! I’m looking forward to November. See you then!

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