November – Uber CRAZY

November, like every end-of-the-year month, was a blur of travel dates, appointments, and prep work – let’s just say I’m hoping December finally quiets down a bit for me (…when people have asked me what my November was like, I just laugh at the thought of its chaos!).

This month was very holiday-planning and corporate-heavy, organizing and coordinating various events for clients that entailed the ironing out of a lot of details.

Turnberry-IsleIn addition to the barrage of Christmas parties I was overseeing, I also did some more traveling. I had a terrific site visit in Miami where I got to visit the Turnberry Isle Resort  for possible upcoming celebrity “nuptials” (shh!) that may take place there in the near future. It was beautiful… but then again, what isn’t beautiful in Miami?!

RadissonBluI came back on a Wednesday and then found myself back on a plane jet setting to St Maarten, where I stayed at the Radisson Blu . Quite a lovely property…. I went there mainly to familiarize myself with this venue. You see, I had several reasons I needed to get down there… LaSemana

First: I’ll probably have a few incentive programs happening there in the coming years and, second: Let’s just say I may have “found” the wedding location for my “celebrity” clients at La Samanna  (all I’m going to say is PRIVATELY SPECTACULAR!).


To round out my (ahem, very) demanding month, once back from my trips I got right into the two-day  client conference we planned at the newly renovated Hotel Place Bonaventure  . The day after returning, we set up from the crack of dawn till late at night – then we were back again at 6:30am the next morning for the trade show’s start. We finished at 5pm and I left my team for the tear down while I went off to teach my class that evening. By Wednesday I had to chain myself to the office to get all caught up on phone calls, emails and the like. It was one demanding week!

Despite my challenging schedule, I’m always grateful for the travelling that I do because on these two trips I met very interesting people from other countries… I find it amazing that I keep learning about how my industry works and it’s so interesting to connect (and re-connect) with different people in my field – I learn a lot from them.

There are several people I’d like to give shout-outs to this month: Glenn from Vegas, you’re awesome and I find myself learning new things from you… oh, and by the way, I’m stealing your “situational morality” quote (sorry folks, it’s an inside joke). And how could I forget the fabulously French men directly from France?! Xavier, Anthony and Eric, let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed your refreshing styles and wit!

And last but NOT least to Mr. Vince and Marco of the PMG Group – thank you once again to you and your team for being such stupendously great hosts to my students! Especially when you surprised us by picking us up in a party limo – you made me look like a hero to them. I appreciate that!

So, in a (crazy) nutshell, that was my life as a planner for November. It may have been tiring but, looking back, it was all worth it, as always. Can’t wait to see what December has in store for me!

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