Spring organizing and Re-organizing

Spring is right around the corner, and although I’d love to think about sitting on my porch in the sunshine watching the flowers bloom I’ve been a busy bee during this month of March (and it doesn’t look like things will slow down anytime soon!).

Communion PartyIn addition to working on my usual programs for IT clients at the Sheraton Centre Ville (what an AWESOME team they are!), I’ve also been working on a family reunion, a baptism, and a communion.  setup conferenceI’ve begun work on two upcoming Association AGM’s (Annual General Meeting) that will take place one in October and the other in November; I’m also helping a company coordinate their 40th anniversary too.

pharma educaitonal dinnerI always love site visits – it’s a great opportunity to network with people in the biz and check out the amazing venues this city has to offer (and there are plenty). This month I took my classes from LaSalle College to the Holiday Inn Midtown for a site tour, which was an awesome experience for them. Kimberly Raposo hosted the tour and did a great job. Thank You Kim…

Speaking of my students, it was their midterm a few weeks ago, and to boot we had the privilege to be going to another site visit at the Delta Centre-Ville – thank you to Sylvain Pierre and Cindy Sauvageau for your hospitality.

In the “I Aspire to Inspire” section: Every year I am asked to speak at a school in and around the Montreal area, and this year it was L’école secondaire L’école secondaire Calixa-Lavallée with Fabrizio Stendardo (thanks again Fabio for your edgy perspective and  great conversation). Gotta say: I love helping inspire the future generation of entrepreneurs!

GlobeMy month didn’t end there – I paid a surprise (overdue) visit to one of my dear friends Silvana Pesut at Globe, whom I always love seeing. THANK YOU Silvana, for your generosity.

MexicoCity5I also squeezed in a trip to Mexico City – it was quite an eye-opening trip. It’s not as bad as people say, yet still a very congested city. However, I would definitely consider bringing groups there for the historical aspect of this destination. I combined a site visit for a celebrity client who wants to hold her wedding at a castle – it’s the only castle in Latin America and it’s located in the middle of a park that is five times bigger than Central Park. I also did some visits for incentive groups as well.  (4 pictures to be supplied)

Computer Fixed - Stay CalmOn a sour note, I’ve also spent some time this month on my accounting and going through a major  computer metal down … all I can say about that is “GRRRRRR – YUCK!” (I’m still catching up on my emails — OUFFFAAA).

I want to give three big shout-outs for March:
Ciao Ciao Bianca Cooking Lessons• awesome work by Maddy K for her production of the Bridal Boudoir at the gorgeous Hyatt Regency Montreal – it was a Gatsby Affair.
• kudos to Bianca Spaziano from Ciao Ciao Bianca – the cooking lessons were fun and DELISH.
• finally, I discovered a cultural wedding show – The Montreal Shaadi Show, which was held at Plaza Volare.

Finally, Happy Easter and Passover to everyone!

I’ll be back in April!

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