Travel, Travel and more Travel…

What better way to kick off summer than with a bustling schedule of travel! It’s been a busy month but the kind that has been really rewarding.

ziplineI started off June with a trip to Guadalajara for some networking and a bit of adventure. I had the thrill of my life zip lining, mountain climbing, hiking, and rappelling (this is an AWESOME fit for one of my upcoming INCENTIVE programs). They brought us to a remote place that is used for corporate team-building activities uber early one morning and worked our adventures the entire day. It was EXHILARATING.

Guadalajara 1 Guadalajara vie from plane

RIU Hotel Guadalajara Guadalajara 2

The week after I went to Chicago for a yearly conference: I just love that city, met potential clients with which we struck a couple of INCENTIVE & TEAMBUILDING contracts (YES !!)… I’m telling you folks M.I.C.E. (Meetings Incentives Conferences Exhibitions) meetings are on the rise again! I’m really excited about the growth of this portion of my business.

Chicago Hotel Chicago Cubs game4

Chicago's Nave Pier Event Chicago Opening night Reception

facing the fallsThen, the week after that, I went to Toronto for another conference, however this wasn’t your typical conference setup: it was warm, welcoming, modern, hip, and very much a “stylish” event… even though it was a few days of work work work, I thoroughly enjoyed it. At the tail-end of that trip, some of us where graciously invited on a 48-hour (FAM) familiarization trip to Niagara Falls. On one of the days we went on an adventurous ride: over the falls (in a helicopter), behind the falls (at the lookout tunnel), under the falls, and facing the falls (via speedboat rafting). It was the thrill of a lifetime and allowed me to get my Teambuilding juices going again for another one of my client’s (it also allowed me to tick a few things off of my bucket list). On the other day, we did what one does in Niagara on the Lake: lots of wine tastings due to its abundance and beautiful wine country. Well, somebody has to be the ‘ginny pig’ right? I mean how else will our clients’ know what is a good fit for their Incentive &/or Teambuilding activities if we never tried it?!

Toronto Small Venue tour Toronto's POWER BREAKFAST Funky Stylish ConferenceOver the Falls Behind the Falls Niagara Wine Countryunder the falls

After that, I came home (GOD did I missed home!!) and finalized a few wedding contracts, one of which has to get done by September 2013 (yes, folks, A-Z in six weeks time), which will be another record for me. No worries, I’ve always loved a good challenge.

suitcase1While a lot of people think it’s GLAMOROUS work to be on the go to such spectacularly great destinations, it’s also very much STRESSFUL to constantly be living out of a suitcase while juggling contracts – putting out the fires on upcoming events (at a distance) and selling one’s services remotely (thank GOD for INTERNET and WiFi). All this while my wonderful assistant is on vacation – I’m not complaining I’m just pointing out the reality of it all… having shared all this…  I STILL WON’T TRADE IT for the WORLD !!!   I TRULY TRULY LOVE WHAT I DO !!!

plane  travel

In addition this month I’m working on two barbecue corporate events that are coming up in August. I’m also still working in collaboration with a colleague on revamping some of the courses for LaSalle College’s Event Planning Program (ouffff … talk about intenseJ)

However, on a more personal note, I was saddened last week to learn that one of my esteemed colleagues that I admired had passed away of a sudden massive heart attack … Filipe Nepomuceno of Altima Concept. Unfortunately hearing about his passing really gave me a jolt of reality like it often does in times like this. I’d like to extend my heartfelt condolences to his family and colleagues.

That was my month of June in a nutshell. I’ll be back in July with another update on what my life as a planner is like one week at a time.

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