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back to school

We may be still clinging to the last few weeks of summer, but August for this event planner was all about the fall season, with school, client programs and wedding details. It’s the time of the year when everything starts up again.

I had a fantastic month that included work and play. On August 6th I hosted a huge event that I’ve been talking about for awhile on my blog: a 40th anniversary company celebration for an American based client, and I’m happy to say that it was a smashing success! My client loved the event so much that she gave me references without my asking… practically the day after the event, which was very nice.

40th Event Yacht 1 40th Event Yacht Team 40th Event Yacht

I also went to a conference in Toronto with a friend-slash-client-slash-colleague. It was very good and I was able to make some great contacts. This year the keynote speakers where: author Sally Hogshead on ‘How do you Fascinate’ and Astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield what inspiration, WOW.  Something happened at that conference that finally paid off… for now I have to keep it under wraps; however, I can tell you that it was the quickest business meeting I’ve ever had to date which turned into a FIRM verbal deal. (YES !!)  Once the details are finalized I will announce it promise!! (I must say persistency and follow-up REALLY can pay off!)  I teach this in my sales classes all the time. I’m looking forward to explaining more about this in the next few months.

Astronaut Col. Chris HadfieldSally Hoshead Keynote

I did another educational conference for one of my corporate IT clients. I am presently coordinated the final details for this same client, on their product launch in mid September, and I am so excited to start executing all my September weddings…

The AMWD (Association of Montreal Wedding Designer) was invited to a tasting by Franca Mazza, Master Chef Extraordinaire from l’Atelier Franca Mazza. All I’m going to say is OMG – MAMMA MIA YUMMO!!

Franca Mazza 1 Franca Mazza 3 Franca Mazza 2

I’ve been crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s on the revamp of LaSalle College course schedule and outline for the Event Planning program – it’s a big job because I’m translating everything from French to English. Ouff, what an experience. I sure have learnt a lot! Something NEW, I’m going to start teaching online Sales Management course for iLaSalle, meaning, I’m teaching a total of four classes this fall session. Even though this online sales course has nothing to do with event planning it’s about sales management and how to manage a sales team, which I know a lot about. What is exciting is that it will be online, which is a first for me.

I’d like to give a few shout outs:

Mr. Lee Haberkorn, Managing Director of the Rialto Theatre graciously gave me two tickets to see a rock jazz band and it was awesome!
Rialto Theatre - Rock Jazz Band

Ms. Jessica Hsieh, Rooms Division Officer, at the Fairmont Royal York for accommodating a room reservation misunderstanding. Not only was her service to us flawless, she also upgraded us – you ROCK Jessica !!

Fairmont Royal York Hotel Fairmont Royal York 1

♥ To the ladies of Train 53 on the Via Rail: don’t have your names, however, considering it was my first train travel experience … Via Rail staff also ROCKS thank you for your impeccable customer service!!

Via Rail 1 Via Rail 2

♥ I would like to thank Mme. Danielle Piché, Director of Sales and Hotels and Facilities from AWTELAV as well – what an awesome woman! Thank you for lending your ear and being a classy colleague … remember we will always have Vegas Baby!
Networking Event with Danielle & Diane

♥ Once my protégé and now a good friend of mine, Annie Sioufi, who helped me out with the translations for LaSalle.

♥ Last but not least my friend Diane, my traveling partner and roomie – you are another AWESOME woman in my life! Thank you – Thank you!!
Networking Event with Diane

Danie's new Profile Picture 2013 AugA good deed was done to me by an extraordinary photographer (here in Montreal) Ms. Christina Esteban, whom I hired for the 40th anniversary corporate event I organized, she was so happy she graciously offer me to participate in her portrait project, which turned out beautifully. Thanks!

As a final note… quite often people tell me that they wanted to call me about something, however, they shy away knowing how busy I am;  FOLKS please please, feel free to reach out! I will always find time to talk to you.

Ta-da! My month of August in a nutshell; now I’m off preppin’ for an upcoming whirlwind month of September with teaching/wedding season/product launches and whatever else comes my way.

(Oh geez, I’m not even going to have time to breathe!)…

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