September came and went at WARP SPEED

I know that I say it every month, but I am truly all over the place as September wraps up… from planning to site visits and heading up a number of courses at LaSalle College, my head has been spinning like a top lately!

So here we go… my month of September in a nutshell…

AGM MtlWas busy organizing/coordinating three upcoming Annual General Meetings (A.G.M.), (for my Associative Clientele) two in September here in Montreal and one in Toronto mid-October.

AMPWDToo boot,  we had our meeting with the Association of Montreal Professional Wedding Designers (AMPWD): this month it  was all about accounting and was very informative.

Palais es Congres MtlI did a couple of educational programs for my IT client and attended a conference at the Palais des Congres.

wedding detailsAlso coordinated two weddings and have one last big one, this is a local celebrity wedding (and I can’t disclose who it is… not even to my husband!).

Marion NousSpeaking of Weddings as per every year, I attended the Salon Marions-Nous event, which was a great show, as usual.


 Cantons de l'estMy month wouldn’t be complete without some sort of travel. Did a number of site visits in the Eastern Townships   for a few possible upcoming events next year (wow- what a gorgeous area, especially at this time of year!).
I also checked out;

Le Mont Blanc
Le Mont Blanc in Laval
Le Crystal
Hotel Le Crystal
Holiday Inn Laval
Site visits at the Holiday Inn Laval

Hilton Laval
along with the Hilton Laval  

Le Cinq
Le Cinq(bistro/bar/lounge)

ilasallle - online courseSchool has started; I’m teaching five classes, however, two are online so I do it from home – this gig is really keeping me hopping.

I’ve also been working on logistics for a new restaurant launch in Laval Saraya Restaurant Bar  Saraya Restaurant , and speaking of fine dining, I finally got the chance to eat at celeb chef Bday Supper Garde MangerChuck Hughes’ resto Garde Manger as a pre-birthday celebration. 

It was beyond awesome and even though Chuck wasn’t there, I’ll be back!

Student's Bday CardSHOUT OUT to my students – for my Birthday they surprised me with a CARD!!! WOW so TOUCHED !!

Rio Tinto PlanetariumI also went to the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium  and had a networking event there where I also brought my students – it was great.

Another exciting thing for me this month was to work on a photo shoot at Plaza Volare for Glamorous Bride Magazine.

 wedding celeb wedding

xmasIn terms of looking ahead, I’ve already started working on several Christmas parties that will take place end of November till mid December.

I’m also coordinating the grand opening of a private children’s clinic. Private Children Clinique

Been to a car dealership in Laval where I might do an event as well. (shhhh top secret ….. for now)….


The summer flew by and now fall has begun – hope you all have a wonderful October and I’ll be back in a few weeks!

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