Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas …. parties, parties and more parties …. ohhh them Holidays ….

Happy Holidays to all!

December was a busy and festive month, like I’m sure it was for most of you, and I was so lucky to not only help organize some great events but be a guest at some fantastic parties as well.

This month I organized/coordinated three of my clients corporate Holiday parties, one of which was held at a great vineyard in Laval and the other two were hosted at their offices.
Corp Xmas Party Vineyard 2Xmas Corp Party 1

Client Educational ConferenceI also facilitated (for clients) two more educational conferences for 2013.

Red Spherical Christmas OrnamentI attended industry corporate parties as a guest where I was able to catch up with vendors who are friends and friends who are vendors.

My fall semester at LaSalle College came to a close with final exams (with more than a 100 exams corrected …) yes it’s over!
Final Exam Corrections Lasalle College Final Exam Submittion 2013

Special Mention: this past session my 5 groups where AWESOME, too boot they reciprocated the feeling by ‘showering’ me with thank you notes and gifts … I was truly truly touched and humbled … (this re-enforces my WANT to keep teaching …)

Keep sake thank you notes from Students Merry Xmas Teacher Gift from student

working on winter session 2014Yes folks….work has already begun prepping for 2014’s Winter Session.

Speaking of College LaSalle, they held the annual Holiday staff party, which was awesome – it was disco themed (my era!) … Guess who I put on her dancing shoes and got transported into the Disco Era’s time warp.
Disco Themed Corp Xmas Party 3.1 Disco Themed Corp Xmas Party 3

I was lucky enough for a ‘quicky’ escape from the cold and snow when I went to beautiful Nassau in The Bahamas for a client incentive program. Thank You George and your Team for all your hospitality. Yes it’s BETTER in the BAHAMAS
Nassau 1 Nassau 3

This month AMPWD also had its annual Christmas Supper. We decided to hold it at Loews Hotel Vogue’s one and only La Société Bistro Restaurant felt like I was in Paris (ouu lala).

Huston's 1Was able to attend (as a guest) another Holiday dinner being held by another association where I sit as a Board member. The dinner this year was located smack in the center of downtown Montreal, Houston’s Avenue Bar & Grill . Not only was the food and service AWESOME .. it is one SEXY HOT spot.

Hubby's Company Xmas Party the Keg CuisinoxMy husband’s employer, CUISINOX , had their annual Holiday staff party in the private room at The Keg Steakhouse & Bar located at Carrefour Laval  …. WOW …another HOT and SEXY spot for events ….

My little discovery of the month: is the newly-renovated Willow Place Inn locate in beautiful Hudson. I was there many years ago and hadn’t been back in awhile; not only is it refreshed and renovated it also has a new administration with lots and lots of awesome ideas. Side note this venue is great for weddings with a distinctly rustic chic feel.
Willow's Inn 1 Willow's Inn

Speaking of Weddings; I can finally reveal some teaser pictures of a photoshoot I was invited to style (back in September) for a wonderful wedding magazine; GLAMOUROUS Bride Magazine . Look out for it in January 2014.
GLAMOUROUS Bride Magazine Photo Shoot GLAMOUROUS Bride Magazine Photo Shoot 1

Mention in Panoram Italia MagazineAnd finally, I was privileged to be quoted/mentioned in this month’s issue of the exquisitely exclusive Panorama Italia magazine. The article in question is “I Do … Italian Style” (page 63). A special thanks Ms. Sabrina Marandola and of course Mr. Adam Zara for this.

All in all, 2013 was a great year professionally and personally speaking.

I’m humble and grateful to the universe for the year I had considering … our industries’ economic situations.

happy new year

see you NEXT YEAR!
See you all Next Year

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