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Happy New Year everyone!

I know I know I’m a bit late and people are always asking, “When is it too late to wish people a Happy New Year?” Well, I haven’t seen all my friends and industry co-workers, so I’d like to wish you and yours a great 2014.

OK…I’m done now.

You would think that with it being the beginning of a new year, I, like others, would slowly be getting back into the swing of things. Well think again! It’s been a super busy start to ’14 (and I wouldn’t have it any other way).

January has been a busy month educationally – classes have resumed at LaSalle College both:

– my “in-house” classes: Negotiations Contracts / Internship Supervision
– my “on-line” courses: Client-Supplier Communications / Managing a SalesForce /Approaches to Planning

Did I mention how much I enjoy it? My students are again awesome! Ironically, last session although I’m still teaching five classes (as the Fall session) .. I had a total of 103 students and now for my Winter session I have a total of 30 students! Go figure!

I also attended an incredible educational conference down in the GORGEOUS City of Boston after much coaxing from my peers. I bussed it there with a number of industry peers from Montreal (it was our effort to be more sustainable and eco-friendly)
Bus Boston Bound Arrival Boston City of Boston

JPDL’s Marie-Lou Coupal w/her team and Sensov’s Rachel Stephan for turning an idea into reality!!

When we got there, I was overwhelmed in knowing that there were 4000 other industry meeting professionals (these folks were only for the targeted associative market across North America). I will state it was not cheap; however, I am so glad that I went! What an exhilarating conference it was. I’m so pumped this year to REVOLUTIONIZE the Meeting Industry! WATCH OUT world… I’m coming…

Conference in Boston REVOLUTIONIZING Meetings conference

Mexico Tourism Luncheon in Boston Tourism Montrela Luncheon in Boston

Client WorkshopMy wonderful clients are keeping me busy with their ongoing client workshops this month and next.

I’ve been working on and quoting a few weddings that will take place in late summer through the fall. (more exotic places to discover – yes, I’m being coy).

I am also working on a number of incentive programs that are quite adventurous.

(I’ll leave you hanging with that – more info will follow shortly).

The year starts off as per usual with wedding expos: This month I attended the Chic Wedding Bridal Expo  and the Glamourous Bride Brunch … both where FABULOUSLY good and I discovered new upcoming trends in food and decor.


And that was my first month of 2014 in a nutshell.

In a few weeks I’m off to Ottawa and am finally starting my “partnership” with WPIC; I also have a number of other things up my sleeve but we’ll save those for
the next upcoming monthly blogs.

Until then, take care!

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