I love February

I HEART February

Hope your February wasn’t too chilly and that Valentine’s Day was as lovely as ever.
As usual, this cupid, had her arrow aimed at a million projects.

I started my month with a ‘BANG’ … got to teach my very first Wedding Planners Institute of Canada Inc. weekend class (also referred to as WPIC). This is a weekend Wedding Coordinator & Consultant Certification Course. It is the only course recognized by the Canadian Government as a TRUE certification course … So, needless to say, I am very EXCITED and HONOURED to be one of the chosen instructors. I will be representing the Eastern Canadian portion: Montreal / Ottawa / Halifax for now and depending on the demand Quebec City / Gatineau and possibly Newfoundland…
WPIC Feb 2014 Day1  WPIC
WPIC Feb 2014 Day2

I attended a conference in Ottawa that had to do with the niche associative markets. This conference came highly recommended to me by my peers and it was worth it. Not only was it educational, it was also very  enlightening. However, (let’s backtrack a little) the day before was a whirlwind … we set up a small “spin-off” pharmaceutical event at The Westin Montreal (we where there from 6am till noonish: during which we did the setup – the program and the teardown) KUDOS to the TEAM what an AWESOME job!!
Westin Break Out Sessions Westin Team Activities
Westin Set Up
Westin Snacks

Once that portion was over … from the Westin I then drove to Ottawa to attend this said conference (needless to say the roads where treacherous with the incoming snowstorm).
Ottawa City Ottawa City 2

Once I got there (in one piece – thank GOD) I settled down, had an early supper and then made my way back to the room and prepped to give my online evening class for iLasalle.

OUFFA – yes folks that was all in an 18-hour non-stop timespan!! (who said I live a “glamorous’ life”). The morning after things calmed down; I was able to enjoy the conference and the beautiful gala that was held that evening … talk about extremities.
Ottawa Gala Ottawa KeyNote speaker

Back home, I signed another wedding contract that will be held in late August at the spectacular lakefront property of my future Bride/Groom to be. WOW am I looking forward to this one…

I participated at my first open house for LaSalle College, and it was very interesting talking about event planning classes to potential students and their parents.
Open House Lasalle 1 Open House Lasalle

Speaking of Lasalle College;

#1 Guest Speaker Lasalle CollegeI had Brahm Mauer (Montreal’s Master Mixologist Extraordinaire) come to speak and inspire my students (and no, he didn’t serve drinks).

A fe#2 Guest Speakerw weeks later I had another speaker come inspire my class – she is a former student,
Suzy Almeida – she has become quite successful in finding her way through our industry (I’m a PROUD “Mother Hen”).

I also brought my students on several industry field trips:
(yes, I’m a hands on kinda Teacher)
WHotel Montreal  
MERCI M. Francois Patulli
WHotel Student Site Visit 1 WHotel Student Site Visit

The Ritz Carlton Montreal
(La GRAND DAME) MERCI Mme. Anne-Sophie Hugron
Ritz Student Site Visit 1
Ritz Student Site VisitRitz Student Site Visit 2

Speaking of the Ritz Carlton mid-month I coordinate two of my client’s educational conferences;

First one was at the Ritz it was smooth sailing with 200 attendees – what a success!! I can’t say enough about the service I always receive at the Ritz.
Ritz 1 Ritz 2 Ritz

Second one was held at their comfy downtown offices.
Educational Conference Workshop

I’m also sourcing/facilitating and coordinating upcoming INCENTIVE programs for several clients … Here is a sneak peak on some locations that are being considered: Newfoundland / France / Vancouver / Columbia / Mexico … mmmmm which ones will win the Bids … stay tuned …

Also in full logistics stage for an upcoming Associative AGM taking place this September, this one is being held in the beautiful Canadian city of Regina.

I was invited to an “EVOO Tasting” (yes my friends, extra virgin olive oil tasting – that does exist). It was held at the prestigious Académie Culinaire what an eye opening awesome experience. I was shocked on how much there was to learn on EVOO. KUDOS and a heartfelt THANK YOU to my dear friend Ms. Rachael Sirois and Ms. Randi Leeds from Flavor Your Life  this oil product DELICIOUSLY does Flavor Your Life … YUMMO!!!
Oil Tasting at Academie Culinare 1 Oil Tasting at Academie Culinare 2 Oil Tasting at Academie Culinare 3

For the first time ever there was a Salon de la Graduation held at the Palais des Congres here in Montreal, which was a nice exposition.

Holiday Wedding Night out
Holiday Inn Laval
did a 5@7 styled open house Wedding Show that was very nice for the clientele, they set up the tables, to help client’s envision the endless possibilities of their special day.


Wedding Planning Luncheon

Then we had our must do “sanity Brunch/Lunch” with the ladies of Montreal Wedding Association at Tiffany’s, as always it was a great time.

Site Visit La Cuisine 514


I discovered a new GEM of a venue/caterer called “La Cuisine 514


Lastly I enjoyed a wonderful Massachusetts styled luncheon at Le Saint Sulpice where their Reps spoke/educated us on their wonderful state. (mmmm maybe I should go and get reacquainted …)
Massachusetts 1 Massachusetts

OK OK this is REALLY the last thing… I finally indulged in a deep tissue massage offered to me from the WONDERFUL team at Amerispa Sheraton – Laval … Not only was I WAYYY OVER DUE … I also got UBER spoiled (thank you for the TREAT guys – you ROCK!!).
AmeriSpa1 AmeriSpa

That’s about it! I’ll be back in a few weeks!

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