Call me the “FACILITATOR”

No no silly, I’m not a new Marvel superhero… “The Facilitator: Facilitating Companies (my clients) AND Planners (my colleagues) ACROSS the GLOBE!!” (although I must admit it does have a cool ring to it) …

multitask maven While I do consider myself a multitasking maven, this month has been non-stop coordinating and, well, acting as a facilitator for a whole variety of clients and colleagues. Add a little bit of travel and you’ve got yourself one hectic month of May!

Normally I’m coordinating/helping my clients out, however, this month I’ve been getting last-minute requests from colleagues who live out of town (we are talking USA, across Canada, and from Europe). to help them out on their events happening here in Montreal. They’re missing bodies here – they cannot be present at these events so they’ve asked me to represent them. (yes folks competitors asking each other for some help … it happens all the time)

????????????????????????????????????????Over the years I’ve built relationships with competitors (this is when I do my traveling). And there are moments we call on each other for HELP … it’s very rewarding to be asked by a colleague to represent them in their time of need: For example, I recently went to the InterContinental to help with an associate’s attendees’ needs as they were checking out or facilitating to find a specific venue space for an upcoming medical conference for a small group of doctors etc … etc…
Help 4 Help 3
Help 2 Help 1

Start of the Summer Session College LasalleThe summer session at LaSalle College, where I teach, has also started. This month I attended an event that LaSalle holds every year called “Enterprise” where Fashion Marketing students present their business ideas, similar to the “Shark’s Tank” concept. Also, because the Event Planning program falls under the Fashion Marketing umbrella, I get the pleasure attending the
fashion design students’ showcasing all of their designs. And if you know me: anything to do with fashion, I LOVE!!

Lasalle College Signature Event Lasalle College Signature Event 3
Lasalle College Signature Event 2 Lasalle College Signature Event 1

I had two client appreciation events this month – they were for the same client but from different departments. I also did educational programs for them.
Client Appriciation 3 Client Appriciation 2 Client Appriciation 1
Client AppriciationClient Educational Conference

Next I had a business summit for another client, and then I facilitated the health fair for Osteoporosis Canada. And finally, I’m being considered for a position on a prestigious International Board but, for now, that’s all I can reveal.
Summit 2 Summit 1

Bier MartI was lucky enough to have had a lunch with colleagues where I discovered the Bier Markt, a fantastic restaurant.


Hotel le CrystalI also rediscovered Hotel Le Crystal Montreal .



AMLAnd visited the newly renovated AML Cruise boat.

Because I was working constantly I didn’t do much traveling this month.


However I still made time to check out the wonderful Topnotch Resort in Stowe, Vermont. Was invited to experience the property and it’s a gorgeous place.
TopNotch 1 TopNotch 2

TopNotch 3 TopNotch

I’d like to give a shout-out to my assistant Jennifer – she’s awesome and has been helping me out a lot with last-minute stuff. Thank you so so so MUCH Jennifer!

The event season has officially begun. Can’t wait to see what June has in store!

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